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June 15 – July 10Alaska-Salmon0300x250 Toman’s King Camp has been providing world-class fishing since 1990 and sits three-hundred and fifty miles southwest of Anchorage on the Nushagak River. By Alaska standards it’s an unassuming place, quietly collecting 4,400 miles of creeks and small rivers on its way to Bristol Bay. That is, until mid June when the Nushagak River host one incredible run of Chinook Salmon. Simply put, Nushagak River salmon fishing is far beyond “World-Class” and is appropriately described as, “the class of the world.” Chinook enter the Nushagak in numbers in mid June. In order to offer quality fishing for our customers we do not open Toman’s King Camp until the 20th of June. From day one, we’re into fish. Vicious strikes fold rods into their butt sections and drag systems are taken to their limits. Nushagak chinook are more than aggressive… they’re plain mean. Prone to leaping from the water in awesome aerial displays, landing them is some of the hardest work you’ll ever love. Our camp is on the very bank of the river with an excellent run only feet away from shore. Guest quarters consist of comfortable wall tents. You room with one other person in your party. For those arriving alone, we also offer six single-occupant quarters. These accommodations along with the main dining hall, cook tent, hot showers, and Internet Wi-Fi service, create a level of comfort not often found in a wilderness experience. Meals are served family style, as is our hospitality. Equal to the fishing is sharing the experience, over good food, with good company. Alaska-Salmon-Sam-300x250We begin each day with a hearty breakfast, then hit the water by 9 am. Breaking for hot lunch at 1 pm, 7 pm for a friendly happy-hour followed by dinner at 8 pm, and then back to fishing until 10:30 pm to finish out the day. With over twenty hours of good daylight in June and July, at Toman’s King Camp, we pride ourselves on delivering the trip you seek. Arrive with a bad case of the fishin’ bug, we’ll cure it. Your adventure begins in Dillingham, which is serviced by commercial flights. From there it’s a short float-plane trip to the beach in front of our camp. As you step from the plane, you’re hit with the realization that you are no longer one who simply dreams of Alaska, you are one who lives it!
Clackamas-Steelhead-300x250Dec. 15 to May 30 Leaving from Portland, you can be on the Clackamas River before your coffee gets cold. Literally on the outskirts of a major city, there is no better way to beat cabin fever than a day on the water. In the month of December, the Clackamas’ winter steelhead begin to return home. With multiple hatchery stocks returning, the run maintains strength through March. Fresh, strong and ranging into the teens in size, these steelhead provide a silver shine against winter’s gray skies. In April, returning winter steelhead are joined by spring chinook and the year’s first summer steelhead. The spring chinook is the most cherished member of all salmon species, unrivaled in table quality. We fish the Clackamas by jet sled, and if it seems I know this river like my own backyard… that’s because it is. My house is on its bank and I have been fishing this river professionally 1968.
Deschutes-Steelhead-BobDeschutes River – Aug. 1 to Oct. 1 The Deschutes River summer steelhead fishery is arguably the best on the planet. With its cool flows as an incentive, fish bound for rivers as far away as Idaho enter the Deschutes to take a break from the warm waters of the Columbia River. These “dip-ins” as they are called can number in the thousands, and when combined with returning Deschutes fish, create a fishery that demands attention. We travel the river by jet boat, crossing class three and four rapids, moving upriver through the rugged desert canyon. By law you cannot fish from a boat, and upon arrival at prime spots we wade for fish. The demands the river places upon you are rewarded with eager steelhead, tenacious fighters that skillfully use the big river currents in unrelenting battles. If you were to rate the Deschutes steelhead fishery against fishing trips of all kinds, worldwide, this trip would have to be a top ten.
Mid-Columbia-Steelhead-300x250Mouth of the Deschutes or mouth of the Klickatat Oct 1 to Nov 15 We troll plugs to catch A and B run steelhead. The B run can reach weights up to 25 lbs but typically average between 12 and 18 pounds, however 20+ pounders are caught every year. We also catch Coho Salmon and upriver bright Chinook Salmon. One of the great things about this fishery is that we use light rods with little or no weight which allows you to get the full fight out of the fish which provides a really fun experience.

  • Clackamas Steelhead 60%
  • Clackamas Salmon 35%
  • Clackamas Other 5%
  • Alaska Salmon 95%
  • Alaska Other 1%
  • Deschutes Steelhead 95%
  • Deschutes Salmon 5%
  • Deschutes Other 5%
  • Mouth of Deschutes Steelhead 85%
  • Mouth of Deschutes Salmon 15%
  • Mouth of Klickatat Salmon 95%
  • Mouth of Klicatat Steelhead 5%

BobPic1Bob Toman Guide Service

Bob has spent his life fishing for salmon, steelhead and other species and has been doing it professionally for over 40 years. During that time Bob Toman has also honed his skills at getting fish to take lures he designed and made himself. In fact, he perfected his skills so well that his spinners and designs are sold in tackle stores all over and he designs and modifies fishing plugs for Wardens Lures. Considered by many to be the best salmon fisherman on the planet and someone who know the fish and their behavior better than anyone, Bob Toman is a treasure chest of knowledge and experience and anyone lucky enough to fish with Bob should take notes because you will be in the presence of a true fishing master – Sam Potter

Where does Bob fish?
  • The Deschutes River (Up river and mouth)
  • The Klickatat River (Mouth)
  • Mid Columbia River
  • Clackamas River
  • Willamette River
  • Tillamook Bay
  • Alaska’s Nushagak River
  • and many other Northwest locations on his off time…
When did Bob start guiding
In 1968 Bob Toman became a professional fishing guide with one of his favorite places to fish being the Clackamas River in Oregon. He loved the river so much he bought a home on the Clackamas River at his favorite fishing hole.
Can I still fish the Deschutes River with Bob?
While Bob it typically book up on the Deschutes and does not take a lot of new clients, he does occasionally have an opening or can get you fishing with one of his partner guides that he highly recommends. Definately give Bob a call at (503) 705-3959 to check availability.

I have fished with Bob & Jeremy Toman at Toman’s on the Nushagak River for several years and have caught more salmon with them on a single day than anywhere else in the world, and I have fished all over for a profession! We filmed a few documentaries there because the fishing was so good. Sam Potter

CEO, IoTa Pro, Inc.

Having fished with several outfitters on the Nushagak River, I found the best place was with Toman’s King Camp. Their accommodations are comfortable, the food is excellent, the guides are fantastic, but more than anything, the people and atmosphere are the best on the river. David Sprague


I spent the entire summer with my dad Sam Potter fishing all over Alaska from Southeast to Bristol Bay and may places in-between and I can say that I had the most amount of fun and caught the most fish while fishing with Bob Toman at his camp on the Nushagak in Alaska. Shane Potter

Medic, US Army

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